The natural way to heal yourself.

The incredible truth is there isn’t a more idyllic place to be at one with your inner self and nature than at KumbukRiver, a resplendent nature enclave beyond your imagination. Healing and rejuvenation begins as you step into the awesomeness of nature.

Nature Wellness Packages

From Mud Bath to Natural Spa

Dip into our Mud Bath and let your body be treated to natural nutrients of virgin soil mixed in water. Once you come out after few minutes and the layer of mud on your body gets dry, sit and cool off in our natural river spa - among the curvy rock formations.

Duration :
Mud Bath : Few Mins
River Spa : To your heart's desire
1 Person : USD 5

Mantra Chanting

The power of vibration created by yourself,through vocal chords. Healing and concentration improvement. An idyllic activity for a vibrant meeting in nature.

Yoga in the Lap of Nature- (Hatha Yoga)

Yoga is the science of living right, the way to becoming natural and spontaneous again, while keeping the heart and mind young and rejuvenated. Yoga develops all your emotional, mental and physical qualities and our Hatha Yoga program is tailor-made for even beginners. You may just walk away with a new blessing in life.

Feel your body and explore yourself while you train your body and mind in this jungle paradise under the astute guidance of one of the island's most qualified gurus.

Duration : 1 hours
1 Person : USD 6

Meditation Under the Stars (Beginners)

Take a breath, feel nature inside you, be a part of it. Merge with the stars and night sounds.

Duration : 30 mins
1 Person : USD 5
2 Person : USD 7
Additional Person : USD 4

Helping kids take control - Kids' Yoga

Yoga is a non competitive exercise that does not involve winning or losing. It helps in developing self-control and enhances mindfulness. It helps kids in cultivating respect for self and others. Deep stretching and breathing techniques involved in Yoga develop muscular flexibility and raises focusing and attention faculties.

Reiki is based in the capacity of reflection and self knowledge by using hands in energy healing. Touch has been used for ages from the moment we are born, and has a medicinal effect for all our life. Have you ever felt the power of hugs? Hugs are one of the main expressions for Reiki energy sharing.

Let children discover their own energy and power in a whole new light with our Yoga Guru from India.

Duration : 30 mins
Price : USD 15 per child From 4 to 12 years
Children should be accompanied by an adult

All The Ayurvedic Wellness Packages

Head and Shoulder Therapy 1hr USD 20
Hand Therapy 1hr USD 20
Foot Massage 30 mins USD 10
Full Body Massage 1.5hrs USD 30
Full Body Scrub 2hrs USD 40
Shoulder and Back Therapy 1hr USD 20
Facial Cosmetics 45 mins USD 20
Thermo Therapy(Milk rice & herbal seeds bundled) 1hr USD 30
Body Joint Therapy 1.5hrs USD 30
Herbal Powder Apply 30mins USD 15
Head Therapy 45mins USD 15
Face Therapy 45mins USD 15
Leg Therapy 45mins USD 15