Jungle Cabin

Luxury gone wild.

Right on the bank of the river facing a lush green mini island that splits the river is our uniquely luxurious Jungle Cabin. The air-conditioned Cabin has two wings interconnected with an open doorway with a cosy bed on each side with both offering private views of the river and the wild. The luxurious escape is loved by couples (who can stroll between two spaces) and families.

Jungle Cabin is what dreams are made of. The dual-living space is equipped with an inviting bathroom with hot water shower but the real treat is the ‘cabin on wheels’ which we will let be a surprise! Come romance with nature's most spellbinding.

Jungle Cabin Bookings

Before U$D 200.00/- Net for 2 persons per night with free breakfast.
U$D 180.00/- Net for 2 persons per night with free breakfast.

Every additional person per night with free breakfast:
Before U$D 65.00/- Net
U$D 50.00/- Net

The Jungle Cabin accommodates maximum 4 people.

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While we welcome many guests on overnight stays, considering the location, its uniqueness and diversity of experiences and activities, it is ideal to spend 2-3 nights at KumbukRiver.