Tree Luxuria

Heaven on trees

Welcome to the wild with the comfort of a star-class room. Our Tree Luxuria is a spectacular, well-appointed design wonder built encompassing two trees overlooking the river. The bedroom has probably the largest bed found in Sri Lanka and a floor to ceiling glass wall offers you truly mesmerizing views of the river below. The room also has two sofa beds

The air-conditioned cabin has a television, a fridge and a coffee/tea maker. The bathroom is a treat in itself with a shower cubicle with hot water. jets and FM radio The open upper deck is a great place to relax taking in the great vistas. Your meals may also be served here.

Tree Luxuria Rates

U$D 180.00 for 2 persons per night with free breakfast

Every additional person per night with free breakfast:
U$D 80.00 (standard rate U$D 90.00) 11% Saving

The Tree Luxuria accommodates maximum 4 people.
Single party exclusivity guaranteed.


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