Elephant Villa

The reason why we are world famous

One of tourism world's most spectacular images, the Elephant Villa is in the shape of a 40ft enormous elephant. An architectural eco wonder, it presents ‘The Gathering’ – a gigantic, airy and arty living space on the Elephant Villa’s upper deck. That promotes togetherness.

The eco lodge is what dreams are made of as visitors discover. The ground floor lounge is a great place to relax and dine, being at one with nature while the unique upper deck room offers exclusivity. Living space includes modern bathroom with an additional toilet in the airy lounge area, as well as, a natural shower in the courtyard.

Elephant Villa Rate

Before U$D 280.00/- Net for 4 persons per night with free breakfast.
U$D 260.00/- Net for 4 persons per night with free breakfast.

Every additional person per night with free breakfast:
Before U$D 65.00/- Net
U$D 50.00/- Net

The Elephant Villa accommodates 4-10 people.

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While we welcome many guests on overnight stays, considering the location, its uniqueness and diversity of experiences and activities, it is ideal to spend 2-3 nights at KumbukRiver.