Things to do

Time to connect nature with adventure.

It isn’t just the accommodation that’s unique at KumbukRiver. From the breathtakingly rare facets of nature to the kind of unusually fascinating things you can do that will leave you spellbound, this eco extraordinaire presents a truly authentic experience that inspires profound insights to life, beautifully summed up in the Trip Adviser reviews.

Unique organized experiences

You can do it all, pick a few or do nothing; still it will be an experience to remember here at KumbukRiver. Some of the activities may be charged and may need to be booked in advance.

Fairy Tales for Kids

Imagination will fly in KumbukRiver Young Explorers. Stories that will bring you to Sri Lankan culture and characteristics. Approach new country with respect and love.

Duration : 1hour
1 Kid : USD 10
2 Kid : USD 15
Additional Kid : USD 6

Honey on Wheels

This is where our participatory tourism program takes off; bringing you up, close and personal with life at its most humble - in an area that's among the least developed in Sri Lanka. Honey on Wheels gives you profound insights into life and will give yours new meaning. It also offers an adventure as we take you on tractor to a suspension bridge through paddy fields and to a home-grown curd factory where you will have the chance to savor curd & honey - the island's all-time favorite desert.

Duration : Approximately 3 hours
1 Person : USD 15
2 Person : USD 25
Additional Person : USD 10

Journey into Ancient Monastery

Here's your chance to be enlightened as we take you to not one but two ancient Buddhist Temples that takes you back to a glorious civilization from the past. Your guide will offer you an introduction to Buddhism, one of the most enlightened Philosophies in the world. Taste a traditional herbal tea prepared in wood fire specially for pilgrims needing to refresh after their holly way.You may also take part in a pooja or a traditional worship ceremony that will stir up your soul.

Afternoon excursion(depature 14:00)

Duration : Approximately 4 hours
Pooja and offering in Dematamal Viharaya
1 Person : USD 40
2 Person : USD 60
Additional Person : USD 32

Hidden Buddhist Jewels

In the middle of a leafy forest we will find majestic Yudaganawa Stupa, one of Sri Lanka`s biggest.We will re-visit ancient times with Hulangani Vihara Ruins.

Your guide will ensure you feel the inspirations of Buddhist philosophy, attending to all your questions while we delight you with invirogating King Coconut and refresh you for the next surprise, the Budugallena Forest Monastery. Discover monastery life in meditation, simpleness and devotion in this astounding monastery, full of caves. It will leave you speechless.

Morning excursion(depature 9:30)

4 hours excursion
1 Person 2 Person Additional Person
USD 40 USD 66 USD 33
5 hours excursion(Including Meditation)
1 Person 2 Person Additional Person
USD 50 USD 76 USD 43
Cooking Classes

This is a sustainable tourism activity. It will be held in village homes. Let yourself experience Sri Lankan hospitality as you spend time in an earthly home of a farmer.

By this activity you will also promote women empowerment.

1 Person : USD 30
2 Person : USD 45
Additional Person : USD 20

Morning Rendezvous
Adventure 1

There's nothing like waking up to a brand new day in the wild; to rejuvenate your soul. Our Morning Rendezvous take you further.

Into the wilds and to the ancient cave zone of Habessa; it's a lively trek through the jungle and back. Start the day with the jungle feeling and let yourself delight with hidden archaeological jewels.

Duration : 3 hours
1 Person : USD 10
2 Person : USD 16
Additional Person : USD 7

Morning Rendezvous
Adventure 2

There's nothing like waking up to a brand new day in the wild; to rejuvenate your soul. Our Morning Rendezvous take you further.

Bird watching experience. With our native Naturalist you may spot a large variety of birds in their natural habitat. First hours after sunrise provide the best chance for it.

Duration : 1 hour and 30 min
1 Person : USD 6
2 Person : USD 10
Additional Person : USD 4

Take a Ride in the Fisherman's Raft

A wooden barge and a long pole; yes, in the hands of an expert, it's an unforgettable ride in the river, taking in the healing beauty of nature,inch by inch.

Price : Free of charge

Journey into the Wild

It's a 3-hour ride through the deep Sri Lankan outback, completely unplugged and off the touristic trail. First you will ride our mini tractor through a village and cross a long suspension bridge across the river. You will walk past an ancient temple destroyed by fortune hunters and into the depths of virgin bush in the Yala Buffer Zone, finally arriving at the panoramic Weli Ara Tank, a blue oasis in elephant country frequented by wild creatures.

Afternoon excursion

Duration : Approximately 3 hours
1 Person : USD 13
2 Person : USD 22
Additional Person : USD 9

Go Fishing

Fish by the river traditional style with a home-made fishing rod as you take tips from our expert native Naturalist.

Duration : 2 hour
1 Person : USD 7
2 Person : USD 12
Additional Person : USD 6

Cookery Demonstrations (By our chef)

Taste Sri Lanka. Understand culture by its delicious traditional cuisine and original combinations and reach the flavors explosion in your palate.

Duration : 1 hour
1 Person : USD 15
2 Person : USD 28
Additional Person : USD 10

Learn to Drive a Hand tractor

If you want to play with a real toy, try your hands at the incredibly fun mini tractor. From starting it to shifting gears to cantering through wild paths, experience the exhilarating highs of a unique adventure. (12 yrs and above)

Duration : 30 mins
1 Person : USD 6

Cycle in the Jungle

The back ways of the resort are a perfect ally if you want to ride your cares away.

1 Person : USD 5

Romantic Dinner

Love is all around KumbukRiver and we got the perfect setting for a romantic experience for it. Let yourself be loved and enjoy a romantic candle light dinner.

2 Person : USD 55


Enjoy a barbeque meal in the jungle, either on your accommodation dining area or in our wild special areas.

1 Person : USD 44
2 Person : USD 80
Additional Person : USD 40

Jackfruit Experience

Jackfruit is a tropical tree famous for its unique shape and taste. It's a sweet fruit when ripe but here in tropical Sri Lanka, it's cooked into a fascinating culinary experience you'll never forget. Rich and dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins, jackfruit is free of cholesterol or fat.

If preparing jackfruit was an art, the way you eat at KumbukRiver will be a true culinary adventure. Join us at the river front campsite and take part in the unique experience of preparing, cooking and tasting a sheer exotic delight topped up with curd &honey, the king of deserts and tales from the past.

Price : USD 8