Step 1
All you need to do is pick a FUNDING OPTION from the chart and help us get specially-picked native plants off the nursery and into the soil.
Step 2
You will be offered a certificate for your earthly contribution
Step 3
We nurse the plants till they restore the beautiful green canopy which the forest once enjoyed.
Step 4
Meanwhile, you pick the vacation of your dreams at KumbukRiver, valid for six (6) months.
Step 5
On your vacation you’ll get to see the fruits of your donation.

Once we process your form you’ll recieve a secure payment option administered by paycorp. Thereafter our reservations team will help you with your resort reservation.

Geo-Explore Foundation is a catalyst for conservation and sustainable development and is currently working in Sri Lanka’s south east on a far reaching mandate. Its Trees For Holidays Program rewards donors with a special incentive - a hotel reservation that matches the donation, making it immediately rewarding to help grow trees.