A one-of-a-kind eco resort Nestled on

the northern edge of Yala National Park

If Sri Lanka was one of the world’s most enchanting islands, then KumbukRiver is its most spellbinding hideout! The eco resort literally sits on the banks of a lively river that separates Yala National Park from civilization even though the two nearest gates to the park are a breezy 38kms; it’s the same distance to the popular tourist town of Ella.

Why stay here?

From Ella to Yala or Galle to Yala and Ella or Arugam Bay, KumbukRiver is your perfect stop along the way

Even if you feel it’s a country mile to get here, you wouldn’t want to go back home without experiencing one of the world’s most unique hotels – one that the media is talking about; one that’s on the bucket list of many – for its sheer uniqueness and for being a rare hotel that offers a truly authentic experience.

Acclaimed by the World

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